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  • : Le blog de Françoise
  • Le blog de Françoise
  • : Ma nation, c'est l'infini. Aller au-delà des frontières, terrestres, planétaires, galactiques, ethniques, culturelles, génétiques, sexuelles et autres, c'est le début de la liberté et de l'amour universel. My nation is the Infinite. To go beyond terrestrial, planetary, galactical, ethnic, genetic, sexual and others frontiers. This is the beginning of freedom and universal love.
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Everything began when I was a teenager. I was a protestant and I have learnt the study of the old and new testament, during several years. Then, at the time to do my first communion, I said : "NO". Because I didn't feel this god whom I was told about the existence. Concerning Jesus, Marie, there was no problem to understand them. But god ? I'm sorry ! So, I didn't do my communion.

It was the beginning of an exciting quest : I read a lot of books. How did the others religions feel this god ? I read the Coran, the Upanishad, the Popol Vuh (maya's bible), the Bardo Thödol and so on...

In parallel, I was interested by many others things such as science, ancient civilizations, extraterrestrials.

I remember the deep joy I felt when I read, for the first time, a book which explained me the real nature of the matter : the atomic structure. This allows me, later, to better understand the notion of the Infinite.

I devoured all the books of the municipal library which explained the existence of ancient civilizations, their history and of course the full shelf dedicated to Extra-terrestrials.

I borrowed "the book which tell the truth" of Claude Vorilhon - RAEL. It was an intense reading. Well ! At last, the book I was waiting for ! Nevertheless it wasn't so different from the others which talk about E.T., about contacts. But this one resounded in a different way. I felt it ! Intensively ! Every cell of my body felt it !

It was like I have waiting a part of my life, to hear these words, these sentences, this story. "Yes ! Of course ! It is that ! This is what I have thinking in myself for a long time !" A revelation ! I was so enthusiastic and I wept tears of joy. A strange and beautiful sensation I keep inside me.

I didn't read it in one go. In fact, I would like to savour, as long as possible the pleasure of the discovery, day after day. The excitation of a delicate pleasure, daily renewed.

I was extremely shy. I only had a contact with the raelians of my region five years later. Then, I did my first awakening seminar in 1985 and then, I'm still there.

To be a realian. What does it bring to me ?

An answer to my logic : Everything we can do on our planet, such as the creation of new lives in laboratories thanks to DNA, such as our interest for inter-galactical travels, astronomic researches and discoveries of new planets, potentially habitable, and so on... make me said : "All we are doing on earth, why doesn't imagine that others humans did the same for us before ? And about us ? When we'll travel out of earth, when we'll meet others less-advanced humanities, how can they welcome us ? As Gods ?" Why not ? Because, thank to our advanced technology, we will be like as gods, of course.

An answer to the question "Why I'm on earth ? What is my mission ?" : I remember. When I was a teenager, I would like my life be extraordinary. If I wouldn't became a raelian, I would be an humanitarian missionary because I couldn't understand why people are so poor. And I don't understand yet at the present time.

So, I'm acting. Some of us take care of the symptoms of this big body which consists of the humanity, others are acting about causes of these symptoms. Everyone must choose its way. And about you ? What is your mission ?

To know before others what it is preparing on earth : And that's odd ! will say ones, but everything our Beloved Prophet revealed us, I would said prophesied, was happening or happens now ! Creation of life, discovery of the infinite small, thanks to the researches about nanotechnology, discoveries of others planets similar to our planet, and revelations about political life, human society, religious racism problems against minorities, especially in francophone countries.

Acceleration of my personal awakening and developing process : To know from a direct line, through RAEL, the best awakening techniques and meditations. On principle, the Elohim created us, so they know how we are built and they give us the best techniques to be happy in our life.

It is very important to bring oneself a lot of love; so we can be able to give love to others. Because we can only bring what we have. And the more we have, the more we can give.

A better understanding of political, economic stakes on our planet : when we have a panoramic view, we understand better.

To free oneself from guilt concerning the sin, learnt during the catechism. Concerning me, I have had the luck to be a protestant. Because the pastors are living with their families. No risk of pedophily.

The intense feeling to be part of a bigger unity. To be part of an inter-galactical family with many different humanities. One of my dreams is to travel throughout the universe, through galaxies. I would like to meet others intelligent, respectful civilizations, not necessary in human form, with the intention to learn about their customs, their lives and to have a good time together.

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