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  • : Le blog de Françoise
  • Le blog de Françoise
  • : Ma nation, c'est l'infini. Aller au-delà des frontières, terrestres, planétaires, galactiques, ethniques, culturelles, génétiques, sexuelles et autres, c'est le début de la liberté et de l'amour universel. My nation is the Infinite. To go beyond terrestrial, planetary, galactical, ethnic, genetic, sexual and others frontiers. This is the beginning of freedom and universal love.
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1 février 2013 5 01 /02 /février /2013 14:27

And you ? What will you do ?

About me, I meditate every day for peace and love in the world. I take part to many petitions on the net. I do a lot of information days in the streets about "one minute for peace", "the paradism for a better world without work and money","free hugs" and so on

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