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  • : Ma nation, c'est l'infini. Aller au-delà des frontières, terrestres, planétaires, galactiques, ethniques, culturelles, génétiques, sexuelles et autres, c'est le début de la liberté et de l'amour universel. My nation is the Infinite. To go beyond terrestrial, planetary, galactical, ethnic, genetic, sexual and others frontiers. This is the beginning of freedom and universal love.
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27 janvier 2022 4 27 /01 /janvier /2022 14:06
You remember my teaching stating that "Happiness is now.” But there is no now, because the time is passing so fast. 11:15, 11:15 and 10 seconds just the time to say it, it changes all the time, there is no now.

We must feel now, which doesn't exist. Now is a movement, like our cells are movement in the universe, from dust to dust.

You are all made of stardust. I don't see human beings, I see stardust. It isn’t a joke. Your body is made of dust that comes from the stars. Every day, dust from the stars falls on Earth, sixty tons every day. We don't see it, but it's everywhere. And we can see it when we dig and we find the traces of past civilisations.

Why are they covered with ground? Nobody puts ground on it.

It's falling from the stars. The Earth gets bigger every day, and this dust that falls on the ground goes up in vegetables, rice, animals, and we eat it, it becomes our body.

If we could identify their origin we could say, "Oh, you have been to this planet, this part of the galaxy... you were on the moon before.” Where was that dust before? Not on the moon, not on any star, it was on every star, because there is Infinity in time, so through Infinity, we have been everywhere. Feel it.

I am a child from the stars…What a great feeling. Thank you Elohim, because of... everywhere.

So there is no now, and there is no here. People commonly say, "Happiness is here and now." I reply sometimes, "No, happiness is everywhere, not only here. Here is happiness, but here also."

Happiness is everywhere, and nowhere. It's inside, in the supraconsciousness, and it's not now. It was fifteen minutes before, and it will be fifteen minutes later.

So when you say, "Happiness is here," it is okay but also wrong as there is no now, and there is no here.

You are here, which is in Okinawa, in Miroku-jo (Maitreya's castle), on your right foot, or your left foot, or right under your sex? You can divide location, like your divide time, one centimeter? One millimeter? There is no here, because if you divide, and divide, and divide, and divide... you will always find a smaller measurement.

It is the same when you say, "I am." Who is “I”? The nose? If I cut the nose, you are not? You still are. My arm?

If I cut your arm, you still exist. Some people have no legs, but they still exist.

So, where is “I”? A part of the brain? Which part? In the supraconsciousness? Is it that big?

Last week was a wonderful week. Scientists said that supra... consciousness - they don't talk about supraconsciousness yet - that consciousness is probably limited to one or a few neurons.

I've been teaching that for forty five years. Now with the measurements of what happens in the brains of people, they discovered that the feeling of self, of being you, involves a few neurons.

We have billions of neurons, but they are not useful. They are thinking about, "Ok, what will I eat for lunch?” "What will I do tomorrow?” "Maitreya speaks for too long, I am tired..." Thinking, thinking... The brain is full of thinking.

But, "I, I am," they say only a few neurons fire, and they are wrong.

I have told you for many years, it is one neuron, which I call the 'alpha neuron', do you remember?

The first neuron. When you were the spermatozoon swimming, you entered the ovula (ovum), and you became the first cell, and it immediately starting to fabricate, to create the first neuron.

And this neuron is eternal. It means that the little neuron you had when you were a little foetus, is still here; it's still alive inside you.

It is the link between you and infinity. Feel it. Thank you Elohim.

Source Raelnews.org : https://raelnews.org/download/397/contact-399-english 

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